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The Old Giuseppe's Restaurant had a long history and sentimental place with Colorado Springs residents.  Established in the 1970’s in the Old Depot train station, itself built in 1904, the 14,000 sf business closed in the mid 1990’s and the space had sat dormant since.  Spurred by recent downtown development and revitalization of the area, including the Olympic Museum and sports stadium, Galletta Architecture was hired to re-image the space as 3 distinct restaurants, each with its own menu and character.  Historic stained glass, coffered ceilings and rhyolite stone features were preserved.  Modern touches to the dining spaces and restrooms were introduced along with significate renovations / replacement of the commercial kitchen and building systems.

Depot- Galletta Drone.jpg
Depot- 8 High Res Galletta.jpg
Depot- 3 High Res.jpg
Depot- 3 High Res Galletta.jpg
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